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A Fashion Blog or style blog about sharing interests in the latest fashion, art and design as well as promoting up and coming new designers and artists from various cultural backgrounds and fields. By offering the social aspect we are hoping to become more than your normal fashion blog or style blog by improving community interaction. Feel free to check it out and we would love to hear from YOU!  A GLOBAL DESIGN COMMUNITY named IN THE STUDIO will be part of our site as well which is under construction, where we intend to create a platform for designers and artists with their individual vision, under different design principles, in various fields to STAY CONNECTED and to get INSPIRED and INSPIRE others!

Contact detail: nainai@nainai-fashion.com


Shujing Liu, Chief Editor

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I grew up in north China where there are billions of people of 56 ethnicities, millions of bicycles, thousands of years of history. hundreds of types of noodles, tens of lanterns and one of Me! Currently I live in the Uk and love the british music, british accent, british sense of humour, british quirky fashion.

Contact detail: shujing.liu@nainai-fashion.com

More about me:

  • 3 things I can not live without: Wifi, music, camera
  • Something i need to work on: have a great weakness on making a decision, can not decide what to wear in the morning, can not decide what colour to applying on my fanshaped design, can not decide if a menu is in front of me demanding me to pick one dish. Just can not decide……..
  • I wish I didn’t need to go to sleep to having more time enjoy things I love. Can I just got charged when tired just like my iPhone by a little square white plug?
  • To be continued…